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Financial Assistance for Veterans

For many veterans, coming home often means an adjustment period as they re-enter the civilian workplace. Fortunately, there are resources for Iowa vets to match them up with employers, communities or schools that are equipped to meet the needs that face the returning soldier.

If you’re not ready yet to jump right into the workforce, Enhance Iowa is here to help. We can connect you to the education you need to gain in-demand jobs that are wanted by Iowa employers now. Below are a series of resources that can help fund your higher education and set you on the path to a successful civilian life:

Home Base Iowa

Iowans are known for being a friendly folk, and nothing illustrates that better than the Home Base Iowa project. This connects you with employers and communities that have passed the Home Base criteria for being veteran-friendly, jobs that are seeking to hire veterans and Certified Higher Academic Military Partners (CHAMPS) within the state.

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Veterans Affairs Educational Benefits

The GI Bill is one of the top resources veterans have to achieve a higher education once their military career has ended. Everything you need to get started—from applying for benefits to choosing a school to comparing the benefits of different courses of action—can be found here.

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Iowa National Guard (National Guard Education Assistance Program)

The Iowa National Guard recognizes that you served with honor and dignity. That’s why they offer a number of benefits, from tuition assistance to scholarships to certification testing. The full range of benefits can be found here:

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Department of Defense Educational Funding

The Department of Defense has a number of programs to help veterans pursue a higher education, including student loan repayment, tuition assistance and benefits for children of active military personnel.

Student Loan Repayment Program

Find a list of eligibility requirements for both yourself and any student loans you may have taken out here:

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Current or former member of the Army, Army Reserves or National Guard? Come here to apply for civilian education and training, as well as find tools to manage your classes, testing and educational records:

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Active Duty Navy

Ready to start your off-duty voluntary education? This link holds resources for anyone who is currently active duty in the United States Navy:

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Air Force

This link is for Federal Tuition Assistance for those who are currently active duty within the United States Air Force:

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My CAA for dependents of Active Duty

The Career Advancement Account is a scholarship to help military spouses pursue degrees in high-demand, high-growth career fields.

To set up account, visit: Account Setup

Once you have it set up, you can login here: Login

Post 9/11 Transfer Entitlement Benefit

Under the Post-9/11 GI Bill, service members are able transfer any of their unused benefits to their spouses or dependent children. The transfer is dependent upon Department of Defense approval:

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State of Iowa Veterans Benefits

A collected list of all the benefits the State of Iowa has for veterans, including a number of different grants.

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Military Skills Translators

If it’s one thing your military experience gave you, it was a skillset to do a job and do it well. But, how do you translate that into the civilian workforce? Below are a series of links that can take you to resources that can help you translate your military experience into a civilian job:

My Skills My Future

This link allows you to enter your past job, and then finds occupations that require similar skills and knowledge.

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My Next Move

Not really sure what you want to do, now that you’re out of the military? My Next Move lets you take an interest surveys, explore career paths and look at careers in different industries.

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Veteran Jobs Skills Translator

Affiliated with Monster, this website allows you to enter your years of service, your pay grade and your military job title.

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Career One Stop

This tool allows you to enter your military occupation code, and then find the civilian occupations that are looking for similar skillsets.

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Military Crosswalk Search

Similar to Career One Stop, this website has a translator that can match your MOC or military title with jobs in the civilian world.

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Resume Builder

Need to translate on paper how your military job skills into something employers are hiring for? Visit our career coach.

Housing Assistance for returning veterans

Whether you will be looking some place to live while you go back to school, or are just returning Stateside and need a place to hang your boots, there are resources available for you:

Homes for Heroes

Real estate agents, lenders, closing service agents and other housing industry officials opt to become affiliated with this program, and then offer discounts to veterans and other service-oriented professionals. They will also help out those who are just looking to rent.

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Iraq and Afghanistan Veterans of America

This organization helps veterans transition to civilian life, from going back to school to finding a job to obtaining housing.

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Helping a Hero

This organization is dedicated to renovating wounded veterans’ homes to accommodate any mobility issues they may have acquired while on active duty.

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