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Iowa Lakes Community College

When one thinks of the Iowa Great Lakes Region, the first thing that often comes to mind are the wind farms dotted across the countryside. And for good reason—this area is booming in utility jobs. Salaries for jobs in the utility sector can range from $44,090 to $63,330 a year. Towns such as Spirit Lake, Spencer, Estherville, Emmetsburg and Algona have a high demand for jobs such as electrical technician, HVAC technician, water quality technician and wind energy and turbine technology technician. 

HVAC training

Heating, Ventilation, and Air Conditioning (or HVAC) work is expanding as more emphasis is being placed upon efficiency and sustainability. The coursework in HVAC at Iowa Lakes Community College will prepare students for an entry-level position within the HVAC industry. The program involves two years of study and jobsite work experience during the summer.

Electrical technician training

The Electrical Technology Program at Iowa Lakes Community College provides students with the knowledge and skills in order to pursue careers as electricians. In addition to learning about the National Electrical Code in preparation for the state licensing exam, students will also learn how to perform work on residential, commercial, and industrial electronic systems

Water quality technician training

Water quality technology is a branch of environmental science that deals with the analysis of water pollution and the technologies that are used to control or eliminate these water pollutants. While careers in water quality technology are available at the city, state, and federal levels, most employment opportunities currently involve working for municipalities. Iowa Lakes Community College offers both a diploma and Associate in Applied Science option for this degree

Wind energy training

With the number of wind turbines in the state of Iowa growing quickly, Iowa Lakes Community College is working to help meet the growing demand for skilled technicians who can install, maintain, and service modern wind turbines not only in this region, but nationally and internationally as well. Students will emerge from this program after two years with an Associate in Applied Science.

Engineering technology training

Engineering technology provides students with a strong foundation in electronics, programmable logic control, and pneumatics so that graduates are able to design, program and install many different automation platforms. The program incorporates renewable energy, together with lean manufacturing principles, and thus equipping students with a broad knowledge base to pursue entry-level positions in the advanced manufacturing sector.

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  • Algona Campus

    2111 Highway 169 North
    Algona, Iowa 50511

  • Emmetsburg Campus

    3200 College Drive
    Emmetsburg, Iowa 50536

  • Estherville Campus

    300 South 18th Street
    Estherville, Iowa 51334

  • Spencer Gateway North Campus

    1900 Grand Avenue, Suite B-1
    Spencer, Iowa 51301

  • Spirit Lake Campus

    800 21st Street
    Spirit Lake, Iowa 51360

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