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The Bureau of Labor Statistics predicts that the healthcare sector will add more jobs than any other occupation over the next ten years. In Iowa alone, it’s predicted that the nursing profession will grow by 24% in the next four years. The median annual salary for Registered Nurses is $68,910, and the need for these jobs is high in the central Iowa area. This includes nursing jobs in Storm Lake, Pocahontas, Dakota City, Sac City, Rockwell City, Fort Dodge, Clarion, Goldfield, Webster City and Jefferson.

Study Nursing at Iowa Central Community College

Iowa Central Community College prepares students for in-demand nursing jobs by offering an Associate Degree in nursing. This degree will prepare students for careers in clinics, schools, public health, occupational health, physician’s offices, long-term care facilities, medical units, surgical units, critical care, pediatric, obstetrics, insurance companies and rehabilitation.

Associate Degree in Nursing

The Associate’s Degree in Nursing program at Iowa Central Community College combines both coursework and clinical work to prepare you for nursing positions in a wide range of health care settings. The program can be finished over the course of 4 semesters and 2 summer sessions. With the implementation of Iowa Central Community College’s Simulation Lab, students can get hands-on work before they ever leave the classroom! This includes working with mannequins that have a pulse that can be felt and the circulatory system can be filled with simulated blood so that students may draw blood or start an IV to administer fluids and medications.

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